Office Building for Wyckaert Construction Company

Winning competition design for an office building.

The design consists of an office building and a warehouse building for Wyckaert Construction Company. The site of the construction company is located on a very visible location between the Ghent-Brussels railway line and the B401 motorway in Ghent.In order to reinforce Wyckaert’s identity at this location, we decided to design the building as a single building, instead of designing the office building and the warehouse as separate entities.The office building is separated from the warehouse by an inner courtyard that provides light, air and space. Taking into account the location of the building along the busy motorway, this green space ensures sufficient privacy and tranquility.The office building consists of a plinth and an office tower. The plinth comprises the reception area, meeting rooms, refectory and some offices which overlook the inner garden. Offices are stacked on top of this plinth. These stacked offices give the building a vertical accent. Large awnings offer sun protection and add extra mass to the office tower.

client Wyckaert Construction Company
location Gent, Belgium
period 2017-present
procedure invited competition, laureate
surface ± 7250 m²
team Lieven Achtergael, Isabelle Dierickx, Steven Van Schoor, Lize Weyenberg, Thomas Demoen
i.c.w. Tousseyn & Partners (stability study), VK Engineering (installations study), dcPools (landscape design)