Office building in Aalter

Design for an office complex with associated sheds.

The project involves an office complex with associated sheds for various users, located in the Langevoorde business park in Aalter. The office building offers a representative front for the shed complex on site. It forms the face of the site seen from the street side and is fitted into a landscaped parking lot. In a thorough interaction and consultation with the client, a well-considered and flexible plan was set up. The detailing of the facade by means of a curtain wall profile confirms the rhythm of the office. The chosen dimensions offer the possibility of filling in the plan with both open landscape offices and more compact individual offices, which are glazed to the maximum. Logistic cores organize the plan. The project contains four floors, one of which is underground, and is accessed via a common entrance hall and staircase. The offices and meeting rooms of the various users are located on the ground floor and the first floor. At the rear, the offices overlook a courtyard garden. Despite the limited surface area, this green accent significantly increases the spatial and qualitative feeling of the workspaces. Given the many transport movements at ground level and the limited space for recreation, the communal functions such as lunch room and training room are provided in a sky box on the second floor, connected to a roof terrace.

client Elseleen nv.
location Aalter
period 2017-heden
surface 7550 m²
budget +- € 5.500.000
team Lieven Achtergael, Sander Verhanneman, Jolien Hoofteer, Thomas Demoen
i.c.w. BM Engineering (studie technieken en stabiliteit), EOS Acoustics (studie akoestiek)