Tacktoren Kortrijk

Design for the renovation of a brewery tower, transforming it into a centre for the arts.

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  • © Jan Kempenaers
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  • © Jan Kempenaers

The construction, as well as the existing high quality, highly diverse rooms within the Tacktoren, are all being preserved. The proposed functional change of this industrial building into premises fit for use by a production company will, however, require some additions. Each of these spaces, with its specific qualities, will be used to the full and safeguarded from any contamination by secondary functions or other adaptations.
A concerted intervention, the addition of a 3 meter wide disc the same height as the Tacktoren will absorb all of these functions. It transcends the purely functional, in that the altered appearance of the tower visualises its change of function.
Its essential quality as a production tower will be preserved. The additional volume accommodates the access stairs, a spacious transportation elevator and sanitary equipment.
The disc will in fact be a vertical foyer, thus safeguarding independent use of the rooms as well as providing the possibility to extend or complement activities taking place in the halls.
This intervention creates a range of possibilities, all contributing to optimal use of the building.
The present condition of the location and its surroundings (waste land, views of backsides, blind walls, industrial archaeology and residual spaces) – combined with the size and situation of this site, its urban qualities and possibilities – has turned out to be inspiring and, thanks to its open space, essential to the whole of the block.

client City of Kortrijk
location Kortrijk, Belgium
period 1994-1999
procedure assignment
surface 1900 m²
budget € 1 500 000
team Lieven Achtergael, Stéphane Beel, Isabelle Dierickx, Douglas Allard, Trice Hofkens, Pieter Jacobs, Hans Lust, Luc Reuse, Regis Verplaetse, Philippe Viérin
i.c.w. Stéphane Beel (architectural design), Guy Mouton (structural engineering), Studiebureau Boydens (MEP engineering)