Villa in NY, USA

Design for a detached single-family dwelling.

This house is located on a densely wooded plot in the New York area. It is intended as a holiday home, for winter as well as summer holidays, which is why the house has an open character - but it also accommodates some cosy, more secluded rooms. Ample opportunity for contact with its immediate surroundings and the fading delimitation between indoor and outside spaces reinforce its character. The house enfolds an open patio area and a partially covered outside swimming pool. Openings underneath and alongside the building combine to afford 360-degree views.

client Imaestri
location USA
period 2012-present
procedure assignment
surface 556 m²
team Lieven Achtergael, Dirk Liekens, Adrian Vankeirsbilck, Rein Bultynck