Airport Village Zaventem

Design study for a master plan for the extension of landside airport facilities.

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  • © Stany Dederen
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The master plan has the ambition to guide the future development of the landside zone of the airport in a controlled manner. As a tangent of several networks and because of its implantation into the region the airport is an important image-defining factor for the region, the city of Brussels and the country as a whole.
The way it functions, the atmosphere in the building and the appearance of the central landside passenger area inevitably have a strong impact on visitors’ global impression.
The territory comprises the zone located between the points of entry and the passenger infrastructure. With its optimal access to the various transport modes and its position as a European hub, this is a top location. At this strategic site, judicious development may become the germ of an urban dynamic.
In order to maintain a link between the passenger infrastructure and Airport Village, a continuous public space is created that runs from the terminals along the projects, affording ever-changing views on these controlled, enclosed outside spaces. The master plan is sufficiently flexible to accommodate future, as yet unknown, subprograms. It is focusing on strategic points, directions and preconditions vital to future spatial and functional requirements and generates a stimulating environment with ample room for development.

client BIAC
location Zaventem, Belgium
period 2003
procedure assignment
surface 600 000 m²
budget € 550 000 000
team Lieven Achtergael, Stéphane Beel, Jan Mannaerts, Katrijn Persoons, David Verhoestraete, Deborah Bailly, Kobus de Bruijne
i.c.w. Stéphane Beel (masterplan design), Iris Consulting (mobility study), NACO Airport Consultants (airport infrastructure study), Tritel (mobility study)