Gazometersite Sint-Truiden

Design for the redevelopment of the Gazometer site into community services, offices and housing.

  • © Karolien Coenen
  • © Karolien Coenen

The development of the Gazometer site fits within the framework of the upgrading of the general railway station area in Sint-Truiden. In the first instance this site’s historic pollution – this was originally the location of the city gas works – will be cleaned up, and the remaining utilities will be relocated. Subsequently, a mix of public functions is installed and the public space is redeveloped into an unassigned usable floor area, in anticipation of subsequent steps in this railway station neighbourhood redevelopment trajectory.
The initial zoning proposition was reinterpreted to allow a division of the available space into three core zones: around the existing building, which is occupied by a youth centre, a polyvalent/party hall, rehearsal rooms and lending service are grouped together to form a ‘youth campus’. Adjoining this campus, a primary school will be built. On the south side, several services aimed at young children are grouped to form a ‘healthcare campus’ with clear connections with both the residential program that is stacked upon it, the neighbouring residential and service zones and the enclosed green space. Underground, a two-level public car park will be constructed.

client AGOST
location Sint-Truiden
period 2009-2019
procedure assignment
surface 24 000 m²
budget € 28 000 000
team Lieven Achtergael, Filip Reggers, Jeffrey Berghman, Isabelle Dierickx, Lize Weyenberg, Rein Bultynck, Pauline De Schryver, Olivier Roegiest, Kris Broidioi, PieterJan Van Loock, Vincent De Keyser, Pietter Lansens, Frederique Nys, Stefaan Jamaer
i.c.w. BAS Dirk Jaspaert (structural engineering), RCR Studiebureau (MEP engineering), Daidalos Peutz, Bouwfysisch Ingenieursbureau (acoustical engineering)