Markt en Omgeving Kruishoutem

Competition design of a masterplan for the development of an inside an urban block.

Given its strategic location, the site has a huge potential for the city of Kruishoutem. The implantation of new residential program offers the opportunity to make a structure for the entire site and to benefit the of new and existing residents with the construction of these dwellings. A landscape structure has been conceived to organize the site and connects the wider urban figure. Three central green spaces are defined: in the west the sports park (close to the school), centerally positioned an orchard and in the east a park (behind the city hall). The dwellings can find their place within the landscape frame in several construction fields. Various typologies have been proposed, each up to 3 storeys, connecting to the environment and to maximize integration into the landscape. Each plot itself is clearly recognizable by morphology and volumetry associated with that specific plot, ranging from 'strip' to 'block' and 'collection of volumes'. To keep the character of the inner area calm an access structure has been propoesed that would have a minimal impact on quality of life. Two loops with one-way roads give access to the various residential areas. There are no streets as such, but paved and semi-paved areas allowing for a smooth transition to the green parts. The principle of shared space is hereby adopted. Between residential areas, the space constructed as an attractive intimate zones. The trees are planted on a grid and bind the various sub-areas of the site, creating unity within the area.

client City of Kruishoutem, Social Housing Company Vlaamse Ardennen
location Kruishoutem, Belgium
period 2012
procedure Competition
surface 12 500 m²
budget € 13 000 000
team Lieven Achtergael, Kris Huysmans, Aryani Sari Rahmanti, Filip Reggers, Martin Novanski, Marek Mnichowski, Jaka Sednovik, Wojciech Mikolajczak
i.c.w. Buro voor Buitenruimten (landscape design), UTIL (structural engineering), BM Engineering (MEP engineering)