Officer residence Ostend

Renovation of historical building into apartments.

The former officers' house will be restored and renovated in line with the rest of the site of the Military Hospital. The historically valuable facades are preserved, while the extensions of later age and lesser value are removed. The existing L-shaped plan is completed on each of the three storeys into a rectangular floor plan, to accommodate two spacious apartments. The new annex acquires its individuality in form and materiality, creating a clear contrast with the historical facades. The two halves form a harmonious entity through a sober choice of materials and a vertical articulation of the facade, tailored to the existing building.The plinth of the existing building is extended visually with pale concrete elements and new external stairs are attached. The individual storeys of the new annex are alternately articulated fully glazed or completely solid. The ground floor and second floor receive opaque or transparent glazing depending on the adjacent rooms. The solid first floor and the eaves are finished with a rough exterior plaster. A metal peephole forms a single penetration of this solid storey and frames a view of the city of Ostend. The ground floor apartment is a two-bedroom apartment with a covered terrace and a seperate entrance. The two storeys above form a large duplex in which the bedrooms and bathrooms are grouped on the first floor. Two exterior spaces bring light and air into the intimate and secluded first floor. The top floor comprises open living spaces where the dwellers can enjoy wide views of the surroundings.

client Vanhaerents
location Oostende, Belgium
period 2016-heden
surface 640 m²
team Lieven Achtergael , Maarten De Pestel, Dirk Liekens, Frederique Nys, Sander Verhanneman, Pauline De Schryver
i.c.w. Group D Engineering (stability), BM Engineering (installations)