Onthaalsite Scheldelei Kruibeke

Winning competition design for the landscape redevelopment of a nature park.

The principle of the design proposal is the glorification of the infrastructural landscape as a time capsule, showing the past, the present and the future. Both existing and added infrastructures are approached as part of the landscape, highly deploying on the value of experience. Some of them are already in development or under construction and adapt the concept of ‘landscape as an attraction’ perfectly. The design focuses on the following locations: Waterfront, Reception Deck, Sluice Platform, Scheldelei and Polderpark. The location between Scheldelei and the riverside is the place par excellence for the implantation of a reception centre that welcomes visitors to the area. This part of the site brings together different streams of visitors, coming from the Scheldelei, the ferry boat, the hiking trails, and offers expansive views in the area. The building is not too specific, but a strong, yet budget friendly element in the landscape, which can adapt in the course of time different programs in a flexible way: the reception deck as a time capsule.

client Agentschap voor Natuur en Bos
location Kruibeke-Bazel-Rupelmonde, Belgium
period 2012-present
procedure competition, laureate
surface 495000m²
team Lieven Achtergael, Kris Huysmans, Pauline De Schryver, Aryani Sari Rahmanti
i.c.w. Proap (landscape design), Stefan Schöning Studio (landscape elements design), Antea Group (landscape study)