Pontes Crematorium Lommel

Competition design for a new crematorium building.

Crematoriums are relatively new forms of funeral places. Our ambition points out the appropirate form that expresses the essential moment of human life, solemn and serene; with attention to the deep humanity needs of sanctity and ritual. The timelessness is expressed in a non symbolic manner, exact and generous.

The circular movement of the building is an archetype which provides protection as well as incomprehensible, mysterious requisition. The omniscient character of the circle form defines an "infinity" which seeks a balance between lightness and heaviness, nature and culture, comprehension and incomprehension, inside and out. In addition, the ring is a protective gesture, an all-encompassing relation within the framework of which we can organize the program in such a compact and efficient way that goes along with the park, the garden and the landscape; whereby the building acquinces this dialogue.

The strength of the building form allows the acquaintance between the front- and backsides where the spaces for intimate farewell and technical area never confront each other. The use of soft and raw materials gives spaciousness. They are simultaneously complementary and contrasting with the surrounding nature which represents eternal as silent embellishment.

client Pontes
location Lommel, Belgium
period 2014-2015
procedure competition
team Lieven Achtergael, Kris Broidioi, Hendrik Roels
i.c.w. Proap (landscape design), Grontmij (technical studies), Democo (project developer)