Station Oostende

Competition design for a terminus station annex car park.

Arriving at Ostend station should be an exceptional experience for all travellers, as their first view of the station at this seaside resort is, for many travellers, the beginning of a holiday spent by the seaside, in the city of Ostend and its port. This site’s unique character and exceptional location in the historic city centre, by the waterfront and close to Oosteroever, is a great plus. This is a junction where a great number of very diverse traffic flows interconnect. More than at any other station, thanks to its specific situation as a railway traffic terminus, here the interactions with other traffic flows, specifically connections with local transport (bus and tram) are crucial. The design proposes a new station building mainly intended to facilitate connections between the various transport modes. The new station has a dual purpose. On the one hand it is open to the Churchill-site and the square in front of the station, where it adds a third wall to the square and at the same time it is a new, transparent façade facing the existing bus and tram station, releasing the bus station from its present isolated position. The existing station gets a new function. The old and the new coexist in an equal relationship and jointly form the background to the perspective from the docks.

client NMBS
location Oostende, Belgium
period 2006
procedure competition
team Lieven Achtergael, Geert De Groote, Katrijn Persoons, Sander Verhanneman, Karen Willemyns, Nicolas Martens, Bert Roegiers, Tom Haelvoet
i.c.w. ARUP (structural and MEP engineering), Stéphane Beel