Verbindingsgebouw Luchthaven Zaventem

Competition design for a connective building between the main building and pier A at Brussels Airport.

The building is designed for the boundary between the harbour area and the adjoining area, which features the type of urban fabric that is characteristic of port cities, with blocks of terrace dwellings.
The college comes into its own in this area by manifesting itself as an independent, unequivocal volume. The design aims to encourage an atmosphere of openness and active student commitment. To offer facilities for gaining knowledge, exchanging ideas and collaborating on projects is the fundamental requirement for any contemporary educational building. This ambition takes shape in a contemporary learning environment, with an open learning centre as a forum for students, lecturers and outsiders. The site’s spatial characteristics determine its internal organisation. This leads to a trichotomy in the building’s appearance: two discs with a strongly individual image are connected by means of a steel truss. This construction bestows a recognisable identity on the college, yet simultaneously respects the autonomy of its components. This restrained visual asset will see to it that the presence of Plantijn Hogeschool is not obfuscated as the site gets further developed.

client BIAC
location Zaventem, Belgium
period 2011
procedure competition
surface 24 000 m²
budget € 45 000 000
team Lieven Achtergael, Sander Verhanneman, Joke Kindt, Rein Bultynck, Jonas Marga
i.c.w. Antea Group (structural and MEP engineering), NACO Airport Consultants (airport infrastructure study)