Villa B in L, Zambia

Design for a detached family dwelling.

The house is located near Lusaka, in a fast-evolving neighbourhood. Because of its unfamiliar atmosphere, unique context, warm climate and specific building technique (no isolation, no double glazing, no thermal bridges…) this is an exceptional project.
It is a dwelling for the client to enjoy in the company of family and friends in complete privacy, yet in close proximity to his workplace.
The house and the garden, with a pool, are enclosed by a garden wall that connects up with the front of the house, like a second facade. The facade’s large white planes are perforated with windows affording well-considered vistas. On the ground floor, a U-shaped living area gives into the patio and the garden. On the upper floor three volumes are positioned in a certain relation to each other. The largest volume is a juxtaposition of the children’s bedrooms. The parents’ private area consists of nighttime quarters oriented toward the patio and a studio oriented in such a way as to afford a view of the work area. The TV-lounge with sunken seating area can be accessed both from the living area and from the roof.

location Zambia
period 2011
procedure assignment
surface 2870 m²
team Lieven Achtergael, Pauline De Schryver, Ida Lievens
i.c.w. UTIL (structural engineering)