Villa B in PF, Brazil

Design for a detached single-family dwelling.

The house is located on a sloping terrain near Sao Paulo. The volume, which is built on the slope, and features a slight overhang, is entered by car from the nearby road. The car is parked underneath an enclosed awning, which serves as a three-car carport.
The carport simultaneously serves as a covered entrance to the house. It is provided with daylight from an opening marking the entrance. A tree grows through the opening.
To visitors having entered into the house through this centrally positioned entrance, the view of the surrounding landscape is revealed in several ways. A low opening offers a view to the north from a sitting area and a window at standing height looks out toward the east from the dining room. This dining room and the kitchen both give onto an extended covered terrace in the overhanging part of the volume.
From the terrace, a staircase perforates the volume, separating the living quarters from the bedroom area and leading upstairs to the upper floor, where the carport roof offers splendid views of the sunset, and downstairs to the garden. Lower down in the garden, besides a pool and a terrace, there is an orchard full of orange trees.

location Brazil
period 2011
procedure assignment
surface 315 m²
team Lieven Achtergael, Dirk Liekens, Sander Verhanneman
i.c.w. Adriana Marasca (construction architect)