Wetenschapspark Waterschei

Competition design for the redevelopment of a former mining site into a science park.

The park concept is the fundamental support for all future developments in the business area. Within these neat green structures the aim is for the science park to be a clear spatial concept in which both the park and individual companies will maintain a strong identity, with specific attention to sustainability, functionality and flexibility.
Realising the required high density without compromising quality of life and landscape qualities is one of the main challenges.
Aspects of sustainability are not just relevant on the level of the architecture (climate control, typological flexibility, materialisation, renewable energy sources…) but also with respect to the urban design concept (implantation, orientation, space utilisation…). Special attention should go to on-site water management and the handling of the minestone that is present in the soil.
Highly functional (several kinds of utilisation, accessibility, wadability...) public space is primordial to the layout concept for the park. As flexibility is required not just for the general layout, but also for the reallocation of spaces within the company buildings, the master plan allows for a wide range of development scenarios. Well-considered flexibility will, in any case, also increase the project’s viability.

client City of Genk
location Genk, Belgium
period 2007-2008
procedure competition
surface 52 000 m²
team Lieven Achtergael, Steve Salembier, Tine Bulckaen, Sofie Philips, Sander Verhanneman, Karen Willemyns
i.c.w. Latz + Partners (landscape design), Technum (structural and MEP engineering), Stéphane Beel