Woning V in G

Design for a single-family dwelling.

The existing situation accommodates a terraced town house and a large hangar at the back, connected to the house by a succession of rear buildings. The present property owners, a young couple with children, decided to rent out the street side part of the house on the ground floor as office space.
The cramped rear buildings were pulled down and replaced with an extended volume, connecting the house with the hangar at the back, underneath the existing roof. This volume comprises studio space, a kitchen-cum-dining area and, to accommodate the living room, a glass box is inserted underneath the hangar roof.
The latter room has 4 glass walls and is provided with daylight through a skylight, an opening in the hangar roof. In the town house itself, the office space on the first floor is to be rented out, and the second and third floor provide the space for the owners’ and their children’s bedrooms.

location Belgium
period 2009-2011
procedure assignment
surface 100 m²
team Lieven Achtergael, Karen Willemyns, Ida Lievens