Ziekenhuis Knokke-Heist

Competition design for a hospital including wellness facilities.

This design for a hospital annex wellness campus aims to convey a clearly recognisable, idiosyncratic yet welcoming identity, with the potential to organise a complex program within a clear structure. Besides doing the required functional research, the project is about finding the right feel, the right scale and spatial quality. Being located alongside a golf course, the main challenge lies within so the relationship with the landscape, being the luxury element patients, staff and visitors alike will all be able to enjoy.
The master plan proposes a zoning plan in which the constructed elements are concentrated in a particular way so the landscape always takes precedence. The landscape is the ever-recurring background to each and every perspective and view.
The hospital and wellness infrastructure is integrated into these well-defined contours, which hold the potential to accommodate future developments yet avoid creating an urban planning precedent for unbridled construction that might spoil this landscape.
Within these contours, a coherent complex of built and unbuilt space is coming into being. The constructed space is on a scale that is significant in relation to the scale of the grand golf course landscape. The building is conceived as a sustainable construction, intended to keep the burden on the environment, in the broadest sense, to a minimum. The design for the wellness campus in Knokke-Heist translates this principle into a highly efficient architectural complex where the use of energy, space, materials and water is concerned.

client Gezondheidszorg Oostkust vzw
location Knokke-Heist, Belgium
period 2007
procedure competition
surface 43 000 m²
budget € 81 000 000
team Lieven Achtergael, Isabelle Dierickx, Axel Cayman, Joris Van Huychem, Katrijn Persoons, Kobus de Bruijne, Karen Willemyns, Tine Bulckaen, Barbara Wolff, Juan Sobrino Ramos, Steve Salembier, Matteo Ballarin, Guy Van Seters, Kristof De Lange, Bert Calkoen, Ward Adams, Margot Lefevere, Filip Reggers
i.c.w. VK Studio (architectural design), VK Engineering (structural and MEP engineering), Stéphane Beel